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Everything You Need to Know How Vertical Pumps Work

Curious to know how vertical pumps and regenerative turbine pumps work? Here’s a detailed answer to your query. The functionality When it comes to a vertical pump, they usually work well with an AC electric induction motor or a diesel engine with an accurate angle drive. If you are designing your vertical pump, remember to add […]

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The Basic Guide to Knowing Root Blower Pumps

Understanding the mechanical world is an ever-growing process. There’s always something new coming up from any Pump UK Distributor. For instance, ASP-High Pressure Side Channel Blowers. An important equipment is the root blower pump which essentially is a rotary lobe displacement pump. It basically operates when a set of mesh lobes pump the fluid. However, […]

Difference Between Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Centrifugal Pump

The industrial market is filled with demands for equipment like vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, and many more. A lot of customers feel confused about liquid ring vacuum pumps and centrifugal pumps. Are they the same? And, if not, what makes the two different from each other? Do they share a relationship? We have answers to […]

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What Makes Speck Famous Worldwide

Speck ABC is a sole UK distributor, based in Germany for pump manufacturing. SPECK Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & Co. is running successfully since 1996.

Pump Repairs

Pump Repairs We pride ourselves on the support and expertise we give our customers and have built up excellent working relationships with many well-known process companies in the plastic, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a high quality pump repair service, to many types of pump such as; liquid ring, hot oil, side channel, […]

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A leading supplier for the plastics reprocessing industry. Supplying Liquid Ring, Centrifugal, Hot Oil Pumps, Side Channel Blowers, Pneumatic Tools and Ancillaries…

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Here at Speck ABC UK Ltd we can support your operations! We are determined to continue to help in a number of ways throughout this COVID-19 outbreak…

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As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to evolve daily and we are currently in lockdown, our priorit continues to be the well-being of our custimers…

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We are the sole UK distributors for the pump manufacturers SPECK Pumpen Walter Speck GmbH & Co (based in Róth, Germany) since 1996. They are the only Speck manufacturers of vacuum, side-channel, regenerative turbine and thermal oil centrifugal pump ranges. We are also fluid handling Class A partners to INGERSOLL RAND – ARO. Our portfolio […]

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