4″ Angle Head Grinder

The Speck 4″ Angle Head Grinder features advanced features for ease in grinding, polishing, and cutting at industrial standards. This 4-inch angle grinder is a versatile, lightweight, and high grinding tool that makes it easy to handle by the operator. With a ¼ -inch air inlet, the angle grinder works at a Free Speed RPM of 11000 and works with angle grinder discs sizing 4-inches.


The 4-inch grinder weighs 1.8 kilograms and has a hose size of ⅜ inches making it suitable for heavy-duty grinding, cutting, cleaning, and polishing with a wide range of applications in the wood industry. The Speck 4″ Angle Head Grinder comes with a durable body and a smooth handle that offers firm gripping during application. It is manufactured with high-quality components and its economical design makes it an ideal industrial preference when it comes to angle grinders.


Stock Code 1132-0003
Part Number RJHG-521
Description 4″ Angle Head Grinder
Disc Size Inch 4
Free Speed RPM 11000
Air Inlet Inch ¼
Length Inch 9
Length mm 230
Weight Lbs 4
Weight KG 1.8
Hose Size Inch 3/8